Service Quality Commitment

NPS embraces "Quality Excellence" as one of the most important aspect of our business. We implement and follow strict guidelines set up by local security laws and regulations. Every client that NPS works with is as the most valuable client regardless of the nature and size of their business. Our service quality policy is followed by each and every staff member working at NPS.

Our Melbourne operation is certified member of ASIAL which regularly updated its members with new developments in security industry so that the most efficient and best quality service is provided to various customers. We continually apply our quality systems and comply with the quality assurance requirements set up by our clients. In addition, all our security officers are licensed through LSD Victoria and are assessed regularly through our internal quality systems.

NPS provide a high standard of security services resulting in risk reduction associated with security issues that include public safety, commercial, technology and business asset protection.

“The quality processes demand continual improvement through client feedback on an ongoing basis which enables us to identify and improve upon any issues in our service delivery, all in the interest of promoting long term client relations and service excellence”

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